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Right, well....

Silliness over, time for action

I have Frisbee practice in just over an hour... In that time, it would be nice if I could eat something, though obviously that might not be possible. Depends on whether I get my arse into gear or not.

I'm knackered out. Didn't get much sleep last night and stuff, but I don't mind too much. Rachel was lovely as always, and I miss her already. It was all good. We had the best milkshake ever, and sat on the beach, and bought rare CDs, and ate grilled cheese...

Oh, and we stopped Claire from sleeping as soundly as she'd like. But I think she's gotten over that. She accused me of secretly having a massive stash of viagra or something... Haha...

I dread to think what sort of reputation I'm getting myself here....

I have things to do. Busy little bee... Life is good. I'm happy. I'm alive.


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I dread to think what sort of reputation I'm getting myself here....

Bullimic, sad bastard frisbee player who somehow gets laid...

Lol. Kidding ;)

And sorry but "frisbee" is possibly the most mockable "sport" in the entire universe...

That's why none of us take it seriously. Why must you?

Going to edinburgh? Don't kid yourself...

Edinburgh was a 48 hour party, with fun people. The whole game revolves around the social aspect, and nobody gives a shit who wins or loses. That's hardly taking it seriously....


I swear to god I honeslty thoguht that website was a joke. Course when I realised it wasn't, I patented the idea of a spoof frisbee website, so don't get any ideas.

Also, you using frisbee terminology such as "disc" is hilarious.

I'm not sure what's so bad about it.. The rules you find in the game exist, usually, in either netball or American football, so you can't really criticize on the grounds that it has silly rules.

It's basically a possession based game which uses a flying disc rather than a ball. And similar to rugby, it's mostly about the meeting people and the drinking, rather than the playing itself. What is it that offends you so much about that?

Nothing offends me. I just find it hilarious.

*barf* :P

and i was only lovely?!

You were fucking excellent.. I just didn't want to boost your ego too much ;o)

do you have one of those beds with the odd springs too? hehe. my neighbors will hate me one day.

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